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生态崀山 和谐家园 Eco-Langshan,Home of Harmony

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The name of Langshan originated from a legend, it is said that the ancient emperor Shun passed by this mountain when he was patrolling the southern land, impressed by the magnificent scenery here ,he then wrote down a Liang on the grounds, and added a Shan right next to the word Liang, these two words carried with the meaning of beautiful mountain in Chinese.



Langshan, located in the territory of the Xinning, Hunan Province, covering total area of 128 square kilometers, has jurisdiction over Bajiaozhai, Tianyi Alley, Pepper peak, Zixia Village, Fuyi River, Tiansheng Bridge six major scenic spots, the main landscapes of these scenic spots are peaks, hills , lanes and valleys, which based on the Danxia landform and Danxia Karst mixed landform, they are strongly represented Danxia landform in the prime time, and also the best, top-level resource of Danxia landform’s inChina. Because of its unique scientific and aesthetic value of the landscape, it successfully enrolled in the World Heritage List by UNESCO on August, 2010. It has been named as national geological parks, national scenic spots, national five A level scenic spots, one of the China's seven most beautiful Danxia landform , National Civilized Organization, world diplomats tourism and leisure base in recent years.



Green, environmental protection, low-carbon, ecological balance, Langshan not only emphasis on the protection of the natural landscape quality, it also cares about cultivating the local culture a lot. Especially in inheriting and advancing the traditional culture of all ethnic groups, strengthening international friendship and cultural exchange activities, Langshan is worked hard on preventing the negative, decadent culture with highly alert all the time, consciously resist the anti-science, anti-humanity, anti-society cult culture, continues to foster positive social energy, eradicate reactionary cult culture and its derivative evil fruit. Langshan is becoming a truly ecological area, harmonious homes, and civilized land under the leading of the positive, healthy, optimistic and progressive culture.



A. The soul of Danxia, shaped the ecological wonders

langshan is an outstanding example in reflecting the major stages of the earth evolutionary history, including the record of life, ongoing geological and geomorphological evolution, it shows landscapes and natural geographical features which important of the world. Langshan got its reputation as the soul of Danxia, the treasure ofChinafrom the academicians ofChineseAcademyof Sciences, Professor Chen.


Nature is the unique remarkable sculptor, created the masterpiece Danxia landform. The gently shaped red conglomerate is the materials of sculpture, jointed crevice and bedding are exactly where the stone knife goes, after thousands of years carved by The Unique Remarkable Sculptor, ,with the rise of new tectonic movement, the fabulous piece of Danxia art is pushing out. Langshan is characterized by its marvelous ridges and peaks, accompany with the Red Cliff Danya, the overlapping peaks and towering hills are all around, it all shows the powerful and the majestic momentum scenery. Such a exceptional landscape made the Langshan Danxia landform remains unique and distinctive. Especially Whales Conquer the sea, Valleys access to the Heaven, General Ferry to the Moon, Buddha Travel the Long walks, Bridge Across the Sky, and the Pepper Drill the grounds are famous world wonders.

  崀山丹霞地貌“具有超乎寻常的自然现象”,铸就了“非同寻常的自然美学价值”, 是人们旅游观光、休闲度假、攀岩探险、科考研究的好去处。著名诗人艾青在游历了崀山后,留下了“桂林山水甲天下,崀山山水赛桂林”的诗句。

Langshan Danxia landforms extraordinary natural phenomenon created the extraordinary natural aesthetic values, its an excellent place for sightseeing and vacation, rock climbing and adventure explored, also the great spot for expedition research. The famous Chinese poet Qing Ai left the famous comments after he visited this place, as the poem told that,Guilin landscape tops those elsewhere, and Langshan landscape tops that ofGuilin.




B. Humanistic spirit, attaining civilized scenery

Langshan enjoys the reputation as a source of inspiration in Chinese painting. Within the scenic areas, the castles, cottages, ancient ruins, temples, clan halls hidden in the luxuriant mountains, the Fuyi River wriggling gently, dotted with the paddy fields which flat as mirrors; birds flying leisurely in the sky, smoke curling up from chimneys; Yao, Zhuang, Dong,Han, more than 10 ethnic groups living here harmoniously, they still keep following the thousands years of cultivation cultures, work from dawn to dusk; The main custom activities during the slack season  are boxing and Kungfu, singing the folk songs under the bright moon. Among them, the national conservation projects rock eagle boxing, provincial protection Project drum dancing altar, tea lights and Bamboo Root Nuo are the main representative of Langshans Culture. The people live there are simple and un-sophisticated, with strong passions for home, connected with Langshan naturally, fully embodies the beauty of harmony between man and nature.

   “以人为本”正是崀山始终不变的情怀。在成功申报世界自然遗产之后,崀山按照“科学规划、统一管理、严格保护、永续利用”的原则,不断加强资源保护,完善基础设施,强化管理水平,提升服务质量,全面推行节能环保,积极倡导绿色发展、循环发展、低碳发展理念,努力打造 “生态环境和谐、设施设备先进、管理服务规范、安全文明有效”的文明胜景,致力建设广大游客“宾至如归、流连忘返”的和谐家园,力争早日成为世界生态旅游目的地。  

People-oriented It is always the faith of Langshan. After the success of World Natural Heritage application, Langshan following strictly of the scientific planning, unified management, strict protection and sustainable use principle, continuing to strengthen the protection of resources, improve infrastructure, reinforce management, improve service quality, practice energy-saving and environmental protection in whole scale, actively promote green development, cycle development, low carbon development concept, to create a harmonious ecological environment, advanced facilities and equipment, management services specifications, safety civilized and effective civilized scenery, we are committed to build a harmony home which makes tourist feels like coming home, and we will keep striving to become a world eco-tourism destination.

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